BHOS student granted scholarship from Louisiana State University

BHOS student granted scholarship from Louisiana State University
11:36 13-06-2018 | icon 15

Baku, Azerbaijan, June 13


Five years ago, Jamal Akhmedov earned 667 points at the entrance exams and became Petroleum Engineering student of Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS).

Recently he was admitted to a Master degree program in the same specialization at Louisiana State University (USA), which also awarded him with substantial scholarship for his studies and accommodation. Today he answers our questions in a brief interview.

– We know that entering and studying at BHOS is considered a great attainment for any undergraduate. But you have achieved even more, as you became a Master degree student and a scholar of the Louisiana State University before you get a Bachelor degree! What is behind this success story?

– In my view, environment is the main factor contributing to someone’s success. If you are surrounded by hard-working and goal-oriented people, you try to follow their way and achieve better results. In this regard, my family and people I met at the secondary school and at BHOS helped me to be motivated. It is also important to happen to be in the right place at the right time, as they say. For me the Baku Higher Oil School was such a place, as BHOS paved the way to my success. I would like to thank my family, the rector Elmar Gasimov, our professors and teachers as well as Elshan Rzayev, Young Talents Program Manager of Society of Petroleum Engineers of Azerbaijan, which has a long-term cooperation with the Higher School, for their efforts and contribution to my achievements.

– Tell honestly, what was the happiest moment for you and your family: when you became a BHOS student or when you were admitted to the Louisiana State University?

– There is a five-year time span between these two events, and so much changed during this period. My goals and expectations are different now, and I myself changed. Thus, I can hardly compare my feelings now and the emotions I had five years ago. But I can tell that my family is always happy to see my successes.

– Are you going to return after you complete your education? Or do you want to live and work outside Azerbaijan?

– The most important task for me now is to excel in my studies at the Louisiana University as I have done at BHOS. I shall consider any options or offers and make any decisions only after I complete the Master program.

– You shall receive the Bachelor degree in Petroleum Engineering and will be pursuing Master degree in the same specialization. When did you become interested in this profession?

– I was interested in technical things and disciplines since my childhood, so my choice can be easily understood. Moreover, I started to like engineering even more after I gained more knowledge, skills and experience in this field during my studies at BHOS. In addition, on-the-job training in international companies and my own scientific and research activities helped me realized that I indeed want to be a petroleum engineer and work in the oil and gas industry.

– Jamal, but why you have decided to continue your education instead of going to work?

– I have my own personal goals and professional objectives; hence, the choice I have made. I believe that study at Louisiana State University and life in another country will be helpful in terms of ensuring my professional development, conducting academic research and gaining new personal experience.

– You will become a BHOS graduate very soon. How do you feel about that? What does it mean to be a graduate of the Baku Higher Oil School?

– Indeed, it is hard to believe, but this long way comes to end. Leaving the Higher School will be a difficult experience for me. However, at the same time I am proud to be the BHOS graduate. I will always remember the Baku Higher Oil School and hope to stay in touch with my alma mater.

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