Winner of “II UNEC Science Slam” – how does advertising affect human mind?

Winner of “II UNEC Science Slam” – how does advertising affect human mind?
16:10 18-05-2018 | icon 19

Baku, Azerbaijan, May 18


The final stage of the “II UNEC Science Slam” contest was held.

The Ministry of Education, ANAS, the Science Development Fund, Youth Foundation, Knowledge Foundation officials, the Members of Parliament, the heads of higher education institutions, the prominent scientists, well-known education experts, the public representatives and, as well as, the academic – teaching staff and the students of the university participated at the final stage of the contest organized at UNEC.

The UNEC, which has written the name of Azerbaijan to the history of the most popular scientific platform “Science Slam” after such countries as Germany, Great Britain, Russia, Ukraine and Turkey, has introduced innovations in the contest this year. So that, along with other faculties, the students of the Distant, correspondence and additional professional education center also participated in the “II UNEC Science Slam” competition.

According to the format of the contest, the winners of the faculties presented their research in the creative way within 10 minutes. The researches of the students on such topics as the successful marketing research in social media, the artificial intelligence, costs, the product certification, communication tools, returning the disable people to the society, the effects of advertising on human consciousness, positive psycology, static electricity- driven transport and behaviorial economics were met with interest.

After the presentations, the performances of the winners were assessed with the applauses in accordance with the “Science Slam” rules. The winner was identified by the sound diapason of applauses measured with the special device. Amal Veysalov, the I year student of the Business and Management faculty, gained the applauses in 90.2 decibels (dB) sound frequency, and won the I place at the “II

UNEC Science Slam” competition with the topic “Not everything is as same as it seems”. In the presentation A.Veysalov conducted the research on the effect of advertising broadcasted on the TV on the human consciousness.

The presentaton on the topic “Let’s return the people with disabilites to the society” made by Ramiz Shukurov, the II year student of the Economics faculty was awarded the II place with the 89.8 dB, and the presentation of Vusal Ismayilov, the I year student of the Turkish World Business School on the topic “The static electrically driven bus” was awarded with the III place with the 87.6 dB.

The winners were presented the certificates. At the same time, they were dismissed the Final State Attestation Exam.

The goal of the contest, organized by the UNEC Student Scientific Society is to increase the interest of young people to scientific research and to ensure their flexible integration into the world science.

About the “II UNEC Science Slam” contest: in 2017 UNEC introduced for the first time in Azerbaijan, the event on the international level, and organized world famous “Science Slam” scientific contest. Great Britain, Russia, Ukraine and Turkey have joined the competition, held for the first time in Darmstadt, Germany in 2006, and the idea belonged to german author Grigor Benin. Those, who are interested in science, want to communicate with the resaerchers, learn the latest innovations and expand the environment join this contest. The representatives of leading companies also participate at many Science Slam contests held in the western countries and make the investment proposals for the interest-based researches, as well. The young researchers motivated with this, believe that their researches are interesting for the community and it is worth to continue the research.

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